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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PR Decoy Collection #1: Sweet P

Due to wonky scheduling by Bravo, the final Bryant Park show took place before Sweet P was actually out of the competition; therefore, she had to present a collection or everyone would know she was getting kicked off before the show aired. But being in the Bryant Park show is a prize in itself, even if you're not up for the big money, because it's a chance to show the world what you can do.

Let's see what Sweet P did with her chance.

#1: Right off the bat, I don't get it. Why did she use THAT purple with THAT gold? On second thought, it's not the purple that bothers me, it's the gold. I hate that mustard color. (On third thought I just hate mustard. Especially on burgers and in potato salad. But I digress.) Socks and heels? Oh please. This outfit looks like it belongs on one of the Peanuts kids.

#2: Much better. My only concern is the hip-widening pockets. She did that on a few of her garments this season.

#3: Somebody's been in Austin Powers' closet again! And I've seen that hat before, on Sgt. Shultz from Hogan's Heroes. Okay... being serious. I hate the way she put the stripes on the pants, especially in the crotch area. Again with the socks and heels. And if you're going to put a hat on your model, make sure it fits! In fact, this entire outfit appears to be three sizes too small for the model... and this model ain't that big to begin with. Perhaps Sweet P should do a line of children's wear.

#4: This is not bad at all. It's got a bit of a "funky librarian" vibe to it. The feather-duster cuffs must come in handy if you want to dust and reshelve returned books at the same time.

#5: This is perfect for the 19th-century English lady who wants to be stylish whilst deer hunting. And in case she gets peckish, a cereal bowl that doubles as a cap will come in quite handy out in the woods.

#6:Eek! This is straight out of the Seventeen back-to-school issue for 1987. (I know... I have that magazine in my closet right now.) I thought the hip-pockets on the second dress were bad - these hips are insane!! It was so unfortunate that the model got into poison ivy right before the show and had to go on the runway with her legs slathered in calamine lotion. (And please tell me that necklace isn't made out of condoms.)
#7: Double eek! Don't actually mind the pants as much as I mind the shirt, which looks like she picked it randomly from a dark closet to go with the pants. I do applaud her use of green swimming goggles as a necklace, though. That's thinking outside the box!

#8: The only other place I've seen a zipper that long is on a sleeping bag. In fact, I think this might have been a sleeping bag. Way to recycle, Sweet P!

#9: This screams "little girl playing dress-up at Grandma's house." It doesn't fit right (especially in the bust - where exactly are her breasts?), it's got a bad case of static cling, and that hat! Someone needs to introduce Sweet P to a nice milliner. On the plus side, I love that color, and those shoes are super-cute.

Now THIS looks like a collection.

#10: Again, there is that mustard color that I hate. And did she get that jeweled yoke idea from Victorya's prom dress? I do like the actual shape and fit of the dress, though. If only it was a different color.

#11: This, to me, is the most wearable thing in the entire collection. I don't even mind the gold so much. The pattern - and the positioning of the pattern - is interesting. The whole dress has a very Asian vibe to it that I'm liking a lot.

#12: I've heard the phrase "junk in the trunk" but this is ridiculous! I can't tell if it's a peplum on the back, or if that's the actual pant. Whatever it is, it's not very flattering. She did get the hat right on this one, though!

Well, I can't say that I was 'wowed' by the collection, but it is very Sweet P. Maybe it was better in person, but I only have the pictures to go by - many times the pieces look better if you can see how they move. It also didn't really feel like a cohesive collection to me - it was more like she just made a bunch of different outfits and showed them to us. I've looked at this group I don't know how many times, and I can't figure out how they're supposed to tie together. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she actually did get the chance to go to Bryant Park, even if she was a decoy, and I hope wonderful things come her way as a result. But this would not have won.

If you'd like to see more of Sweet P's work, check out her website, where she has several collections.


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