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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Reality TV

I don't watch a lot of television, but it seems that most shows I watch end up being reality TV. A lot of it is stupid (I'm not interesting in seeing C- and D-list "celebrities" doing ordinary stuff, re: "The Simple Life", "Newlyweds", "Hogan Family", "Growing Up Gotti", etc.) and I don't go for the athletic-type shows either (re: "Survivor", "Amazing Race"), although those are much more worthy of being on television. I watched an episode of "Skating With Celebrities" (I love ice skating) and about 5 minutes of "Dancing with the Stars" (I'd love to learn ballroom dancing but I have no partner, so I'll guess I can watch celebrities do it instead. A better show for amateur dancing is "Ballroom Bootcamp", IMO.) I am NOT into "American Idol" at all, though.

I much prefer the reality shows where ordinary people do creative or inspiring things. My first venture into reality TV was VH1's show "Bands on the Run" a few years ago, about four unsigned bands travelling around the US playing gigs to win a recording contract. I fell into it by accident: I was flipping through the channels and saw the name of my hometown on the screen (the bands were playing here), so I kept watching and got obsessed. (The winner of the show, Flickerstick from Dallas TX, ended up becoming a favorite band of mine. Check them out sometime!) Last year I got hooked on "The Biggest Loser" when I stumbled across a marathon of the entire season. Made me feel guilty for sitting there on my couch for 4 hours watching them bust their asses and making such an incredible effort to change their lives. I admire that.

But my new fave is definately "Project Runway". I didn't watch the first season, and I missed the first few episodes of this season, but again it was an accidental flip to Bravo. I love watching these talented designers and the group dynamic they had - what personalities! And I admit - I have a big crush on Daniel Vosovic. I'd definately wear his designs. And he's so darn cute!! I also got into the internet following, reading all the blogs (Blogging Project Runway especially) and the Bravo boards each week. Now that it's all over, I'm kind of let down... having a withdrawl I guess, searching Google for anything new, and looking at Daniel V's website hoping he'll tell me where I can buy one of his dresses. *sigh* I'll probably write more about PR, but this is enough for now!

Quiet one, she says?? :)


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