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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Daniel V. and Clutter

Ah, there's Daniel... I'm not sure what it is about him that makes me so interested. Makes me think a bit of Ringo Starr in his younger days (probably the hair/nose combination). Just seems to have the whole deal - personality, cuteness, good taste in clothes. Oh well, he'll make some lucky person happy someday. :) If I'd known him in college he would have been the kind of guy I'd be good friends with (not date - well, okay, MAYBE date).

Anyway, enough about Dan. I'm drowning in papers here. Everything I do seems to require a ton of paper. Right now my desk contains: a cardboard box of drawings to go through, 3 sketch books, a sudoku grid, 2 scratch pads, a spiral notebook, applications for death certificates (I'm into genealogy, don't think I mentioned that before) that I need to fill out and mail, 2 envelopes containing filled-out applications to mail, a totally full in-box of stuff that I'll probably end up pitching, a bunch of mail I got this weekend, and 4 magazines that I need to go through and cut things out of, thus creating even more paper. And this is just the top of it! I won't even go into the drawers and cabinets. And the recycling box under my desk is pushing critical mass also. No matter how often I clear this stuff out, it always seems to be right back at the same level the next day. I think the papers are actually alive and plotting against me.

But don't anybody touch it! I know RIGHT where EVERYTHING is. It's a system. It's pathetic, but it's mine.


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