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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hey! Someone has stolen my recaps! I have to call Harrison Ford!

HF: Hello?
TQO: Hey, Harry, it's me. I seriously need your help.
HF: What's the matter?
TQO: Someone has stolen my Top Design recaps!
HF: NOO!! I love those! What can I do to help?
TQO: Well, I know you're getting ready to start shooting that new Indiana Jones movie... so I thought maybe you could throw on your fedora and get out your bullwhip and go find my stuff. You know, get warmed up to the role again.
HF: That's a GREAT idea. I'll get started right away.
TQO: You could bring Han Solo along too, if you think you might need a good blaster at your side. This might get ugly. Also, one of you can please make my sister stop bugging me about writing, if you have time.
HF: Hmm... that might be the hard part, but I'll see what I can do.

Whew. Now that Indy's on the case I'm sure those recaps will be back in a jiffy! In other news:

*I made myself watch the premire of "Shear Genius", the latest in Bravo's "Top (Insert Profession Here)" shows, and wow. Are they not even trying? Someone needs to tell them that just because they come up with a cute, witty pun for a title, doesn't mean they need to turn it into a show. The contestants had to do "hair art", so they took them to Michael's (craft store) and gave them ten minutes to find stuff to stick in their models' hair. The guy who won used a wooden box. On the girl's HEAD. Then had her open it up to reveal what looked like plastic dress-up jewelry. And I will never complain about a Project Runway model again, because most of these girls were just slouching and stomping down their 'runway', and I think they just grabbed girls off the street that could use the fifty bucks. (Also host Jaclyn Smith must have a cursed portrait of herself in her attic because she looks just about the same as she did when she was on Charlie's Angels back in the 70's. Shades of Dorian Gray!!) I won't be watching it again. But I did enjoy the Project: Gay summary of the episode.

*I've also been watching "Dancing With the Stars" for the first time. Personally, I love dancing. I wish I could do it better (although my girlfriends say I do a mean cha-cha) but I don't have the guts to take a class. But I have really enjoyed watching other people dance on TV (most of the time - some of the pop songs they use make me cringe! And Leeza Gibbons in leather? Ack. But woman's got guts, so I admire that) and yes, my feet move along with them involuntarily. I'm too self-conscious to dance in public most of the time (unless I've had a daquiri or 4), but I admit that I dance while I do housework on occasion.

*We are deeply into the Harry Potter books now at my house. I have been reading them aloud to my son. I do voices for each character, too. I've always done that - when I was teaching preschool the kids would protest if I tried to read a story 'straight'. In fact, if I forget who's voice is whose, my son will say, "That's not Ron, you're doing Fred and George's voice now" and then I have to read it over the RIGHT way. I am no Jim Dale, who does all the HP audio books and is FABULOUS. But I like to try. Doing voices is as close as I'll get to another fantasy I've had for years, which is to act. In fact, if I could act AND dance then I could be in a musical, which are my favorite type of old movie. West Side Story, The Music Man, Carousel, etc... man, that would be great.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on Indy's search for the missing recaps!


Anonymous Jen said...

Thaaaaaank yoooooooou, sis! :P (Go ahead, send Indy my way. He won't succeed in making me hush. Someone's got to keep your nose to the blog grindstone....)

10:53 AM  

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