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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bad 70's movies... or was I dreaming?

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of TV. I would come home after school and turn on the set and whatever was on, I'd watch. Mostly it was cartoons (Tom and Jerry was a personal fave, but Battle of the Planets was the best EVER - I always wished I was Princess) but sometimes it would be a stupid horror or sci-fi movie (probably on a very fledgling HBO, which was not 24 hours back then). Only problem was, I would come in at the middle or the end and never see what the name of the movie was. Being scary-type movies, parts would stick in my head and show up in my dreams, until it got to the point where I wasn't actually sure if it had been a real movie or just random neurons firing in my sleep. But for years, several of those movies have 'haunted' me and very rarely am I able to find out what the movie was called.

Many times I have brought up one particular show to my mother, and she always said she didn't remember it. The movie in question had something to do with time travelling, or warping between planets, and it had Roddy McDowall and the boy from "Escape to Witch Mountain" in it. (For some reason, my brain has also connected "Fly Like an Eagle" by the Steve Miller Band with this movie, but I always had a tendancy to have the radio on ALL the time, so that's probably what did that, the same way that certain songs will make me think of Barbie shoes or Nancy Drew books.) Anyway, I KNEW that I was not making it up. So for years and years I've come back to this memory, trying to figure out where it came from. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I finally did. It was actually a TV series from the late 70's called "The Fantastic Journey". My mother still doesn't remember ever watching it, but it was exactly the type of thing she would have watched.

I'm having much less luck with a couple of horror movies I remember watching. I know one of them is a real something, because I've found someone else on the internet asking about the same thing - unless we had the same dream as children, and that's too freaky to even consider. :) The part I remember goes like this: there's a nice boat, a yacht maybe. And a woman. And a dead guy in a freezer, impaled on a swordfish. And another dead guy tacked up on the mast. I think maybe something to do with the Bermuda Triangle or some other kind of supernatural-demonic thing. Don't remember how it ended, but I remember watching this at my babysitter's house one afternoon. The other movie had kids in it - a girl either hangs her friend from a tree, or somehow causes the friend to be hung, and also there's a scene with a lady in a graveyard (the hung girl's mother?) being scared by a child who's obviously not supposed to be there. I also remember watching one about killer bees that attack people, and they finally trap the bees in a stadium (the Houston Astrodome??) and turn the AC on full blast which either freezes them to death or at least makes them inactive (maybe they were going to suck them all up and kill them or something). If anybody happens to know what the heck any of these movies are called, PLEASE please tell me and put me out of my misery.

I did a lot of sneaking down the hallway after I was supposed to be in bed, and my mother would be watching a scary movie that I wasn't supposed to watch. But of course I'd crouch down at the top of the stairwell, which was behind the couch, and peek my head out so I could see the screen but nobody could see me. I watched parts of "C.H.U.D.", "Killer Clowns" and "Pirahna" that way, and possibly "Halloween" (which I will not link, because, well, duh.)

Funny thing is, I HATE horror movies now. Gee, I wonder why?


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