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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Happened to Proofreading?

I don't usually watch Access Hollywood, but while my husband was flipping through channels I happened to catch a very short blurb on Marcia Cross being put on bed rest (she's expecting twins). As 'newsmagazine' shows are so fond of doing, they put up a little fake headline with a clever attempt at a pun, as shown here (captured from the free video feed on their website, which I'll probably get sued for).BUT this is NOT what I saw!! What I saw was this (and yes, I re-edited the capture because the version that aired is NOT what ended up on their website 20 minutes later, and I wanted you to see what I saw).

Can you spot the difference? It was on the screen for maybe ten seconds, but my eagle eye spotted it anyway. I made my husband rewind the DVR so I could make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw, and even he was surprised that made it on the air during the broadcast.

I know I'm not the only person watching Access Hollywood tonight that saw it. (Well, okay, I just said my husband saw it, so I guess we're not the only 2 people.) Someone at Access Hollywood caught it too (after it aired of course, because nobody was checking the spelling when they put the clip together!!) and it got changed rather quickly.

I'm aware that this is the age of 'get it in the media fast!' but come on. Do some basic proofreading first, so people like me don't catch your mistakes and blog about them.

*Did you see it? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Even Tim Gunn Wants to Know...

I kinda fell off the face of the Internet, huh? Sorry about that. You know that "slippery slope to sweatpants and a minivan" that Laura Bennett warned us about? Well, what she failed to mention is that there's a ditch full of big rocks at the bottom, and I'm stuck down there - but piling up rocks like crazy so I can at least get back onto the slope and attempt to claw my way back up. Anybody got a rope?

I am still planning to post my recaps of the last PR shows I missed (for my sister, who does not have Bravo and unbeknownst to me was relying on my recaps as her PR episodes), and I'm looking forward to recapping "Top Design" as well. PR has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about fashion, fashion sense and my own lack of it, and I hope TD will do the same for interior design. Goodness knows I could use it!