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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I love strawberry daquiris!

My last post topic was negative, so I thought I'd counter with a nice positive. Strawberry daquiris are the perfect drink for me. There's fruit, there's ice, you can't really taste the alcohol, and sometimes it comes with whipped cream on top. I can even have it without alcohol at all, if I want, and it doesn't taste any different! Problem is, not all bars (in fact, very few that I've been to, that are not also restaurants) will make you one. So when I go somewhere with my friends, I'm always saying "What do I want to drink?" and end up getting a Smirnoff Ice, which is vaguely lemonade-y but is not really what I want. Most fruity drinks that bars will make (rum runners come to mind) aren't really fruit at all, just syrupy. My back-up drinks are ones that include one or more of the following: Kahlua, Bailey's, or butterscotch schnapps. Drinks to avoid: anything with Jack Daniels, cosmopolitans, and the horribly nasty moonshine that J. brought back from Alabama.


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