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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First Impressions are Everything

Well, I think we're about at the halfway point of the Project Runway season, and they're down to eight designers. That got me to thinking about my initial thoughts of this season's group (just by reading their Bravo bios and seeing pictures of them), and I thought I'd revisit it and see if I've changed my mind any.

People I thought I'd like: Katherine, Bradley, Angela, Bonnie.
  • The first time I saw Katherine's sketches, I knew she would be one of my favorites of Season 3. Not that I snowboard, but I just got a nice "I could wear that" feeling from her stuff. Plus the people in her sketches are totally cute. I was quite sad when she was cut, but she's still a fave. And I LOVE her Auf'd Runway stuff. I thought she'd go farther in the competition.
  • Bradley's designs on his website didn't wow me but that's just because they're not my style. But something about him made me think I'd like him. Keep in mind this was before I heard him talk - and then I liked him even more. He's just funny, and not full of himself, and doesn't take things overly seriously. I wasn't sure about his chances though.
  • Angela - eh... not as crazy about her as I thought I would be. I was all prepared to root for her til the end no matter what, 'cause we Ohio gals gotta stick together, but she's just done some seriously fugly stuff.
  • Bonnie just seemed friendly and that she had a good attitude towards everything.

People I thought I'd be annoyed by: Jeffrey, Malan, Keith, Kayne.
  • Didn't like Jeffrey's tattoos, didn't like the picture they used of him with the sunglasses and the rebel attitude, didn't particularly think it was fair that he's friends with Santino. Now, I'm still annoyed by him, but mostly because he is so WHINY. And has said some rather nasty things about other people.
  • Malan just seemed snobby to me at first look. That and I thought he might be a vampire. But during his brief run on the show he grew on me. Probably would have ended up in the "people I like" category had he been on longer.
  • Keith? I just didn't like the look on his face. And while I think he has talent, he just made some bad choices.
  • There was just something about Kayne (I think it was the profile shot and the spiky hair) that gave me a feeling of annoyance, like he was going to be snobby and elitist. But I was so so so wrong about him - he's one of my favorites now! Go Kayne!

People I was ambivalent about: everyone else. But here are my first impressions.
  • Uli looked mean.
  • Vincent: something was a bit off but not enough to make me annoyed. Reminded me of Rick Moranis, whom I like.
  • Michael: we were going to see some hip-hop style stuff from him (which I don't like) and he would be off quickly.
  • Stacey was intellectually snobby. Off quickly.
  • Robert: how was he going to go from Barbie to real women? The proportions are totally different! Off soon.
  • Laura: I didn't like her dress. And she looked kinda mean too.
  • Alison: pretty and perky but I wasn't sure I'd like her stuff.

Anyway, seems like I was right on a few and wrong on a lot! This is why I rarely take people at face value and almost always wait until I get to know them before I make a judgement on whether I really like them or not. And contrary to what Jeffrey believes ("I'm entitled not to like you!") I believe that it's a person's privelege to try to like everyone. Some times are just more successful than other times.


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GREAT post (and take). Kind of like our initial thoughts too.

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