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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On pins and needles

I'm a Project Runway addict.

I check Blogging Project Runway 3 or 4 times a day to see if anything new has been posted (season 3 is about to start!). I bought the Season 2 DVD. I stop said DVD any time they show a chalkboard so I can read what's scribbled on it. I watched the recent season 2 marathon on Bravo EVEN THOUGH I have the entire thing on DVD. I even had a dream that Daniel Vosovic and Santino helped me paint my kitchen, and it looked fabulous, and then Daniel made me waffles (also fabulous). So, yes, I'm a bit excited for the new season to start. It looks to be quite interesting. I've already picked out a few of the designers that I like (Katherine, Bradley, Angela), and a few that are probably going to irritate me - a LOT. But that's the stuff of a different entry.

And there's already some controversy brewing, thanks to Bravo's TV ads. Apparently, someone is asked to leave. Nobody is sure yet who it is, but Tim Gunn clearly says that something is "against the rules of the show". Lots of theories abound about who's done what. Here are a few of my ideas (some serious, some not so much):
  • someone breaks the "no hanky-panky between contestants" rule, or sneaks someone into their Atlas apartment;
  • someone is actually not a real designer and has passed another person's designs as their own;
  • there is a major act of sabotage against one of the designers;
  • at Mood (the fabric store the show uses), one of the designers purchases the exact same blue/white/purple ombre fabric that both Austin (season 1) and Santino (season 2) used for dresses;
  • one of the designers smuggles in someone to help them sew and stashes them in the bedroom closet;
  • one of the designers makes a dress using black silk charmeuse and Michael Kors gets violently ill;
  • two (or more) of the designers have a knock-down, drag-out fight over a dress form;
  • somebody takes their unfinished garment back to the Atlas to work on it;
  • somebody brought a laptop or cell phone (I don't think they're allowed);
  • one of the designers purposely breaks the overlock machine after they use it, so nobody else can, giving them "the edge";
  • somebody steals something from somebody (actually, designer Bradley says in his video interview that someone took his iPod shortly after he got to NY) .
It was also pointed out on BPR that there is a model missing from the list on the Bravo PR site. So I'm anxious for next Wednesday night so I can find out what's going on! I'm sure it will be... none of the above.

Carry on.


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