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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fashion Faux-Pas

While surfing the 'net this evening, I came across an article on about bad fashion choices of the past. How many did I commit?

1. Acid washed and/or ripped jeans: I think MAYBE I had a pair of acid washed jeans in high school, but if they existed, they were probably very mildly done. I was never trendy - I skated close to the edge of trendiness without falling in, because I was FAR from the popular-trend setting group. As for ripped jeans, I'd never have left the house in anything ripped on purpose. Nowadays, I do have a couple of pair of jeans that are really comfortable that just HAPPEN to have holes in one knee. But I only wear them around the house. Or maybe to the store. Nobody cares what you're wearing there.

2. Shoulder pads: guilty. I had some dresses and maybe a shirt or two that had shoulder pads. Not huge linebacker ones, but they were there. Actually I think my mom still has some shirts with shoulder pads that she wears on a regular basis. Scarily, I think they may be MY old shirts. Or my sister's.

3. Flannel: I was not grunge. I did not wear flannel shirts. When I was little I had a flannel nightgown, but I don't think this is what they're talking about. Flannel is for lumberjacks!

4. The "dancer look": this means leg warmers, headbands, tights/leggings, and ripped sweatshirts a-la Flashdance or maybe even Olivia Newton-John's Physical video (aaaahhh the horror!). I admit that I did have a pair of red-and-white striped leg warmers. They were a gift from my grandma. (She tried, the dear.) They went great with my red-and-white striped oversized oxford and red stirrup pants. Which I once wore, at age 13, on an airplane. In public.

5. Tie-dye: never had any. Made some in Girl Scouts once. I did, however, have one of those shirts that would change color when they got warm (Hydrocolor?). You could put your hand on it, or breathe through it, and the color of the fabric would change. Of course guys would always try to put their hands in the obvious place - ha ha, guys are so witty.

6. Bad hair accessories: Had some! In grade school it was the barettes woven with ribbons, and in high school I had a couple of giant bows (although not too giant - that would have been trendy) and some banana clips - but my hair is so thin that they never worked. I even had this weird scrunchy-thing that was long and had a wire in it, and you were supposed to hold it at the end of your hair, parallel with the top of your shoulders, and then wrap your hair around it, roll it up to the back of your head, and then twist your hair into neat buns or chignons. Did that ever work on me? Of course not! Don't be silly. (But did I have three different colors? Yep. Did I BEG my mom to buy them when I saw some at a kiosk in the mall? You bet!!) Keep in mind that this was when I was older, and had longer hair. When I was young I had short boy-hair, against my will, because it was easier for the parents to take care of.

But at least I can honestly say that I never had big, teased, eighties hair. :)


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